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When Is It Time For An Arizona Pest Control Company?

23 Oct

Diverse people know about the difficulty of pests and what they can do to a homestead, yet they never take action to avoid these dangers. Failure to seek skilled help while knowing about this hazard is the worst neglect an owner can do. It is ignorant for a homeowner to take for granted that their house is immune from attacks from pests like termites and scorpians, and steps must be taken to prevent such events.

Why seek professional help?

This is their specialty. Arizona pest control companies have to acquire a Pest Control License in order to legally practice, and it is these qualifications that assure the homeowner that their house is in good hands. It is illegal for a company to operate without an up to date licence that ensures they are proficient in the pest removal. Regardless of how you feel about the risk of pests damaging your house, it is wise to have your house inspected monthly by a reputable Arizona pest control company. Why monthly and not yearly? The rate at which pests can infest and multiply within your household is alarming – the longer you wait, the larger they grow in number, and therefore the faster they can eat their way into your home.

How much damage can pests such as termites do?

When one thinks of termite damage, they often incorrectly assume that it just refers to wood damage. This is wrong. The damage extends to carpeting and wallpaper, which to some, combined with hardwood, can ruin their entire home. It is estimated that termites alone cause $22 billion dollars of damage each year around the world, which shouldn’t come as a surprise as termites outnumber humans by a 10:1 ratio.

What are the consequences of taking care of them by yourself?

You don’t know what to look for, so you will not get rid of the problem. Trained professionals know the warnings signs of pest infestation in a home, and will act accordingly. If you as a homeowner decide get rid of the pests by yourself, you may end up causing more harm than good. Handling the dangerous chemicals that are necessary for pest removal requires training, and misuse in these substances can prove costly. Another issue with the do it yourself approach is that you will not cover all of the problem areas. To the untrained eye, you are bound to miss spots that will leave the problem unresolved. The costs of doing it yourself ultimately ends up higher than if you had settled with a professional in the first place.

How many different types of pests exist?

More than you think. Ticks, termites, spiders, bed bugs, ants, mice, and rodents can bring significant damage to your home, and each one requires a different type of treatment. To the inexperienced homeowner, not knowing which treatment to be used for each pest can be the deal breaker in if they are taken care of or not. Seeking the help of professionals is crucial, as they are trained to make the decisions in the best interest of your home.

Taking advantage of will be the wisest decision of your life as a homeowner. Choosing to ignore the threat of pests ruining your home is foolish – they can get out of hand before you even knew you had a problem. Due to this, monthly inspections are vital in ensuring that your home is kept safe and secure from pests. This worldwide problem amasses billions of dollars of damage each year around the world, and by using professional services provided to you, you can save your home, your money, and your health.


Get Rid Of Scorpions: The How To Guide

16 Oct

Stop Scorpions With

Most people living in the arid southwest United States have encountered scorpions at some point.  People like us who live in the Phoenix metro area, for instance, enjoy a close, if somewhat uneasy, relationship with these tiny predators.

While some individuals actually welcome scorpions onto their property to help control other insect populations, the vast majority of people prefer to stay at a safe distance from these venomous hunters.  While there are many natural techniques for keeping scorpions away from your home, hiring a local Phoenix pest control service is the most reliable insurance against a painful and potentially dangerous scorpion sting occurring in your family.

Scorpions, like spiders, are members of the class of invertebrate animals known as arachnids.  They have eight legs and a menacing tail that ends in a venomous stinger.  Although anybody would be justified in wanting to avoid scorpion’s sting, only a handful of species are venomous enough to seriously threaten a full-grown human.  For residents of places like West Valley, however, a legitimate threat is the Arizona bark scorpion.  It is the most venomous species in the United States and is found both in densely populated Phoenix and throughout the much of the rest of Arizona and the Southwestern states.

What are some things you can do to get rid of scorpions in and around your home?

  • Make Your Yard Inhospitable To Scorpions – Since most scorpions spend their days hiding under anything that affords them relief from the heat of the sun, scorpion-proofing your property means removing anything that a scorpion may be able to burrow under.  This includes things like brush piles, poorly packed soil, loose landscaping items (bark, chips, etc.), yard decorations and toys.
  • Seal The Outside Of Your Home – Scorpions only need 1/16 of an inch of space to squeeze into a home.  Pick up some weather-resistant caulk from your local home improvement store and walk around your home, keeping your eyes open for small cracks that need to be filled.  Remember, scorpions need very little space to enter your home so fill even the tiniest of cracks.  Repeat this process inside your home.
  • Deprive Scorpions Of Food – Scorpions prey on insects and will go to great lengths to seek out their next meal.  By eliminating lesser pests in your home, you are depriving scorpions of the main reason to enter your home in the first place.
  • Get A Cat (Or Chicken) – Cats love stalking bugs, birds and rodents.  Cats may be stung in the process but it is usually not harmful.  However, many people understandably have reservations about using their beloved kitties as scorpion decoys.  Introducing a chicken into your yard may also help curtail the scorpion population around your home since chickens happily make meals of these crunchy arachnids.
  • Use A Pesticide – There are dozens of pesticides available for use both in the home and outdoors.  However, most people do not realize that pesticide application is something of an art and it is best to hire a professional pest control service to apply it correctly for maximum effectiveness.
  • Hire A Arizona Pest Control Service– This is the preferred and most widely used solution for controlling scorpions.  In scorpion-heavy areas like West Valley in Phoenix, can provide services in the area.  These professionals have a great deal of experience in preventing, finding and eliminating scorpions from local properties and will save you time and a painful potential encounter with one of these unpredictable creatures. Dont let these get out of control and let our experts take care of the problem for you!

Stop Cockroaches In Your Home With A Phoenix Pest Control Company!

2 Oct

Call A Phoenix Pest Control Company NOW!

Cockroaches are tiny creatures but are effective enough in creating a big nuisance to the homeowners. Cockroaches make cooking in the kitchen nothing less than a nightmare for most of us and they even cause health hazards by contaminating food substances.

Here are a few tips for those of you who want to get rid of this disgusting insect.

Keep your garden and surroundings clean. They are tough and it is difficult to get rid of them all at once.  Follow these simple tips and it will definitely offer you with a long lasting relief from cockroaches.  Cockroaches can slip in a space of 1.6 mm while the younger ones can even enter a space area of 0.5 mm. If would take this statistics into consideration you will have to be doubly cautious and look for nook and corners of your house.  You definitely can’t afford to avoid even a few areas of your home since these cockroaches can hold their breath for over 40 minutes. They rest for almost 3/4th of the day, so it is very hard to spot these cockroaches in the day time. Cockroaches can live without their head for over a month so now it may seem practically impossible to get rid all of them, but then you can definitely do something every day and after sometime you can see noticeable changes in your home. Filthy and dirty surroundings invite these pests, so keep them clean.

If you can keep your environment and surroundings clean, you will have solved fifty percent of your problem.  Cockroaches love wandering around your kitchens; it is their favorite hangout so keep it clean and tidy. Don’t leave any kind of food particles or cookie crumbs lying around the place. Use sealed containers to store food. Do not leave trash cans open. The cracks in the walls should be plastered properly.  You can get your entire house screened; this would keep them away for a long time. Most Arizona pest control companies like Care Free Termite can help you get rid of these pest as well.

Nowadays there are a lot of pest control products in the market, you can purchase them and see if it works for you.  Do check for the exterior and interior walls of your house because these openings invite all kinds of insects.  In case you find some cracks, seal them.

Spray boric powder or boric acid in and around your toilet floors and bathrooms, this prevents insects wandering around the place.  Be very careful with Boric acid if you have pets and children at home.

These are a few tips through which you can keep away from pests and following them will help you get rid of cockroaches and other kinds of insects easily.  You may also seek help from a pest control expert.  One of the best pest control in Phoenix is The have a proven track record of helping you get rid of pest & termites as well

Be ready to spend a few dollars if you want to get rid of them for a long time.  If you are not able to find an effective cure with the above mentioned tips then it is wise to get help from a qualified pest control specialist and eliminate all the cockroaches from your residence. If you have the same issues as stated above in your business to, then look to us for your commercial pest control services.