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Have A Small Garden With Pest? Try This Method!

24 Sep

Stop Pest In Small Gardens

There are plenty of people who are looking for an effective but safe method of eliminating pests without putting the environment at risk. And while there are lots of organic pest control methods available on the market, one of the most effective and well tested organic pest control methods is the use of Diatomaceous earth (DE). This is a natural pesticide that will only be harmful to pests and not on plants, humans, and animals. Diatomaceous earth is produced naturally as a siliceous sedimentary rock which is reduced to a refined powder. This natural pesticide is lethal even to microscopic pests because of its extremely sharp edges that can cut through insects and dry them out. When the DE is ingested, it works effectively by killing them from the inside.

The DE is formed from remnant microscopic organisms living in the water and these have solid external silica shells that are comparable to glass. Diatomaceous earth in crystalline form produced by high heat  has known carcinogen properties and other lung related diseases. But the food grade Diatomaceous Earth containing amorphous silica is safe to use and has no related side effects that may affect humans and pet animals.

Diatomaceous earth can be used as a natural pest control method because of its zero risk of harming all types of animals. This is only fatal to various pests including crop and garden insects. This is safe even for earthworms but can be very deadly for various insects including bed bugs, ants, fleas, Arizona termites, and scorpions. Other pests DE can kill are mites, fly maggots, snails, lawn grubs, slugs, cutworms, roaches, ticks, and aphids among others.

The good thing about this type of natural pest control is that it does not destroy pest by using chemical reaction or poisoning as compared to majority of toxic chemical based pest poisons. Instead, it works using its sharp microscopic edges that when ingested by insects, these sharp edges will literally slice them open and dry them out until they die. On the other hand, taking full control of insects may take several days because this natural pesticide works slowly. But once the DE is ingested and the insects begin to be shredded from the inside, there will be no stopping it.

Chemical poisons may act faster but it can only provide short term effects with residual side effects that can last longer than its positive benefits. Diatomaceous earth may work slowly but it remains active and nontoxic. This means that the remaining DE in the environment will not cause harm to pet animals and humans as well and can still work its effects even when exposed to various elements for long period of time.

Using natural pesticides is one of the safest ways to control pests without posing harm to the environment and to people as well. With the introduction of Diatomaceous Earth and other related organic pest control methods, you can now have a safe alternative in keeping your garden free of any pests.

Of course this is just something that you may need for your small garden or patio. When it comes to bigger issues like your whole house or commercial property then it’s time to call a Phoenix pest control company to handle the job for your right the very first time!


Why You Need Termite Protection Before You Move Into Your New Home.

5 Sep

Termite Protection @

So you must be very thrilled about moving into your new home, am sure that your mind is crammed up with loads of things to do, right from throwing a house warming party to making sure that your guests are envious about your new furnishings. Though moving in can turn out to be a fun activity you also need to keep in mind some essential things that need to be taken care of.

Essential points about security of your new home: ie Termite Protection

For instance check if your new house is well protected, check if you have the keys to all the doors. If you don’t find keys just don’t assume that you might have misplaced it and you can search for it later. Make sure that your home alarm and burglar alarms set right. You don’t want them to be put to test only when you have invaders. Now that you are aware about how to keep invaders at bay it’s also very significant to ensure that are well protected by tiny creatures who might have already invaded your house. Make sure that you don’t lose your $200,000 home to these tiny creatures that seem to cause no harm to you. Once you have invested in pricey wood work that is used to adorn the house make sure that you call the professional guys to completely check if you have uninvited guests at home.

More about how termites can affect your dwelling:

The swarm of termites in Phoenix homes can be of no immediate danger but as time flies you can see them eating up the wood furnishings of the house and also causing great damage to the structure of the house. These wood eating species also have started feeding on carpets and other cellulosic materials that are present in your dwelling. It is better to be safe than sorry. Make sure that you involve an Arizona Termite Company like to keep termites away otherwise your sure to see your house taken over by them once you come back from a vacation.

Using Organic Methods For Pest Control

1 Sep

Nobody wants pests living in their home or back yard, but most commonly available forms of pest control contain nasty chemicals that can be harmful to yourself, your children and your pets.

However, several organic pest control methods exist. These organic methods don’t pollute the environment, are easy to perform yourself, and, best of all, are not harmful to humans or pets.


There are several ways to prevent termite infestations that don’t involve ANY chemicals, including keeping your soil well composted and mulching your plants with wood shavings. But if you’ve already got a termite problem in your house, you might want to consider a more direct approach. Luckily, there are several all-natural ways to kill or drive away an infestation.

–          Nematodes –  These microscopic worms can be sprayed into the infected area using a hose, and will kill the termites without creating an additional problem of their own.

–          Brown rot –  Put this fungus on the termite nest, and the creatures will evacuate on their own. But be careful! One species of termite, the Formosan subterranean termite, actually loves the stuff, so be sure to identify them before trying this method.

–          Natural oils – Like eugenol and citronellal, can repel termites.

–          Boric acid –  This can be extracted from most plants and is abundant in seawater, but you can just buy it from most stores. Apply it to the termite nest. It acts as a poison to the microorganisms in the termites’ stomachs, and will kill off the infestation.


Ants can be a common problem, but luckily, solutions can also be easily found inside any kitchen cabinet.

–          Salt –  Sprinkle this on the area around the anthill.

–          Cream of Wheat –  Spread this on or around the anthill (or wherever you have a problem). The ants will eat it, and it will later expand and cause their stomachs to burst. Unpleasant but effective.

–          Baking soda –  Dust trouble spots with this, as it is poisonous to ants.

–          Flour. Spread solid lines of flour across any paths that ants use. They do not like flour, and so will not cross it.


Even the hardiest of pesticides will repel but not kill most scorpions, so it might be better to get a professional to deal with any problems. Still, there are a few steps you can take to prevent an infestation.

–          Clean up your yard – Make it inhospitable to scorpions by clearing up brush piles, getting rid of wood chips and loose soil, and removing logs and rocks.

–          Fill all outside cracks and crevices – To stop them entering your home.

–          Lavender – Plant it around your home; buy dried plants of use essential lavender oil when cleaning the home. The scent repels scorpions.

–          Citrus – It is also a deterrent. Use citrus oil cleaners in the bathroom to stop scorpions from settling.

–          Use natural predators – Allow non-dangerous spiders to live in your home and garden, or even get a cat.

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